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Anonymous asked: hi! okay you have no idea how excited i am to find your blog! you're at southern from keele? i go to southern and i'm DYING to spend next year at keele on the exchange program which i guess you're in, yeah? (i have JUST finished my application, and i'm working on my essay) i'm abroad just now, but i'll be back jan 10th. are you liking hattiesburg so far?

ah, anon! log into your own blog and we’ll talk. 

Keele is awesome, it’d be cool if you went there! I can help you work on the essay if you want? 

Hattiesburg is awesome so far.

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Hey y’all

As y’all (yes, I’m using a widely used southern term just because I can) know, I arrived at The University of Southern Mississippi on 17th August. It’s now 2nd September.  I’ve been so busy for the whole time i’ve been here, i’ve just not had time to properly sit down and write anything.  So now I’ve got to re-cap in my mind what has happened in the time i’ve been here. I’ll start off with bullet points of things that have happened, then i’ll do little blog posts about each thing so this post isn’t too long and annoying

  • Finding escalators just for shopping trolleys (carts) in Target in New Orleans
  • The bus journey to USM
  • Boring orientation stuff
  •    Lunch at ‘The Shed’ in Downtown Hattiesburg
  •    Walking tour of Downtown Hattiesburg
  •  Going to a frat house and having my expectations turned upside down
  •   Mall trips (including finding out that you can have hermit crabs as pets)
  •   Walmart
  • Caliente Bar & Grill
  •   Cinema trips
  •   GEWW (Golden Eagle Welcome Week)
  •    Meal plans/cafeteria dining
  •    Drinking more in the past 2 weeks than I drank for the whole of last year at Keele
  •     Making a few friends
  •  Last night’s party at Sigma Nu (frat house)
  •     Roommate situations

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I’ve been in Mississippi for 8 days.

I’m going to be doing a giant post this evening, because I have no plans. So, right now, I apologise for being very uninteresting and not posting anything. While I write up a huge post about everything so far, I’ll post some pictures for you to look at. 

Love from the south,



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It’s only 8 days until I leave England.

The closeness of this whole thing didn’t really hit me until last night. I was lay in bed, thinking about what I need to do before I leave. There’s really not much, but, then I got to thinking about packing. 

How do I pack for 10 months away? I have no idea how i’m even going to start. Most of the clothes i’ll be taking are ‘summer’ clothes, because it’s so hot in Mississippi a lot of the time. How do I decide what shoes I need to take? Or which dresses to take? 

I also realised that I can’t really take any sentimental items. So, my mission for this week is to print out a load of pictures of friends and family to put on my wall in my dorm room. 

It’s so strange thinking that everything important is going to fit into one suitcase. 

I’m starting to feel really unprepared, and definitely apprehensive again. 

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So, here’s a bit of background about me, and what this blog will be about. 

I’m Victoria, and I study English & American Literature at Keele University. But, for the next 10 months, I’m going to be a student of the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. I’ll be studying mainly American Literature, Creative Writing and History. 

It’s going to be a huge change, but it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted to study in America, and i’m so happy to be getting my chance. 

I’m going to grasp every opportunity I can, and make the most of my time. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.